Brigada Eskwela 2015 Tarpaulin Layout and T-shirt Design

Brigada-Eskwela 2015

The Brigada Eskwela 2015, also known as the National Maintenance Week will be conducted by the Department of Education from May 18 to 23, 2015 with the theme “Tayo Para sa Kalinisan, Kaligtasan at Kahandaan ng Ating mga Paaralan”.

Brigada-Eskwela 2015

Just like the previous years, all stakeholders are still expected to participate and engage with all the school maintenance efforts to ensure the preparedness of public school facilities for the opening of another school year this coming June.

Teachers, school principals, and other DepEd employees are also being encouraged to join Brigada Eskwela 2015 and extend their help by sharing their skills, time, and in-kind support to their respective schools and other public schools near their residence.

Brigada Eskwela 2015 materials such as the logos, tarpaulin layout and the t-shirt design are well anticipated yearly that’s why we have attached them on this article. Below are Brigada Eskwela 2015 materials, including the DepED Memorandum No. 41, s. 2015.

Download DepED Memorandum No. 41, s. 2015 – Implementing Brigada Eskwela 2015
Download Brigada Eskwela 2015 Materials – Logos, Tarpaulin Layout, T-shirt Design

Boost Your Pupils’ Typing Skills with these 5 Free Online Typing Games & Activities

free online typing games

Last week, I searched for typing games and activities for my 5-year-old niece on the web and as I choose the ones that suits her age, I decided to compile and present them on a blog post.

These are free online typing games and activities for pupils of younger age, preferably pupils between 4-9 years old. I compiled this list base on the ease of the games and the fact that these games don’t require any registration. So without further ado, here are five free online typing games and activities you can find on the internet:

free online typing games

Typing Adventure is game that suits the abilities of younger pupils, preferably those in preschool. The game has simple mechanics. Your objective is to find a treasure along a path by leaping on bricks that contain letters. Pupils need to type the correct letter on the next brick they want to jump into. Continue typing the letters correctly until you find the treasure. Speed and accuracy are the basis of the pointing system.

Dance Mat Typing is more of a typing tutorial by that comes in four different levels. Each level composes a series of lessons and activities from the basic hand positioning on the keyboard and other typing fundamentals. Just like the Typing Adventure, it also suits preschoolers. After each lesson, the game offers a feedback on a visual and audio form.

Power Typing is a collection of five various typing games and activities that pupils can use to improve their typing skills. You can choose to play the US standard Qwerty keyboard or the alternate Dvorak keyboard. Power Typing is more of an activity that resembles the basic typing lessons found on books and typing worksheets. It’s a great tool for a teacher to help his pupils improve their skills in using the keyboard. Again, this game suits the younger ones.

Type Rocket is a sixty second free online typing game from It flashes rockets on the screen with letters attached to it. Each rocket explodes whenever you strike the correct letter. The game calculates your points by subtracting the number of your misses from the number of your hits. Type Rocket comes in a flash format with a .swf extension. This is one fun game to try with your pupils.

Z-Type is also a free typing game courtesy of The game has a simple but thrilling mechanics. All you have to do is to type every word that falls from the top of the screen. Each time you are able to spell the word correctly, a laser from the bottom of the screen shoots the word you have encoded. Your objective is to shoot all the falling words before they reach the laser at the bottom of the screen.

Applications for Education:

Pre-school or elementary teachers with access to a computer laboratory can have a great advantage of utilizing these games as an introductory lesson in preparing young pupils into learning the use of computers. And one great way on introducing them on Computer Education is to practice their typing skills. As a teacher, at first, you shouldn’t expect excellent performances such as high speed and accuracy; instead you might assess their performances and practice them more little by little.

Finding Free Online Courses with the Best Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Websites

Free Online Courses

Education has a wide range of channels nowadays. The mode of transmitting knowledge has drastically shifted from books, encyclopedia, and library to Facebook, Wikipedia, and Google. With this transformation, educational institutions had no choice but to cope with the trends the digital age has brought up.

Today, universities, organizations, individuals and other renowned websites are providing free online courses called MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for the people who weren’t able to finish a degree or for those who have a never ending thirst for learning new fields of education. MOOC websites offer a variety of online courses, videos, worksheets, and other reading materials. MOOCs, in the recent years, have built online communities of students and professors across the globe, through the World Wide Web.

Free Online Courses
Image source: Pixabay

Today, I’ll be listing down a list of websites where you can actually enroll on a single or multiple courses without paying a single cent. These websites have been known as providers of basic and advance modules in various fields of education. So to cut the story short, here they are:

1. is a Berlin-based MOOC provider that offers courses in English and German languages. It was founded by Jonas Liepmann and Hannes Klöpper in 2008 as a Learning Management System when they were still studying at Humboldt University.

Iversity has been launched on October 15, 2013 offering 24 free online courses into their 100, 000 users worldwide. Universities and professors that work with Iversity include University of Florence, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, University of Hamburg, KU Leuven, and Pratt Institute in New York.

To date, Iversity offers courses about Architecture, DNA, Dark Matter, Internet Privacy, Medicine, Storytelling, and Web Engineering.


Coursera is an educational technology company offering founded by computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller from Stanford University. Coursera also offers a range of free online courses in the fields of Biology, Business, Computer Science, Humanities, Medicine, Mathematics, Social Sciences and other educational fields.

Through its partnership with the top universities and organizations in the world, Coursera now offers hundreds of free online courses, all, for free. As the time of posting, Coursera has a total of 546 courses in different topics, 483 of them are in English language.

3. MIT OpenCourseWare (MIT OCW)

MIT OCW is a project of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to make their educational materials available online. Their free online courses are open for anyone who wants to learn in different areas of education.

To date, MIT OCW offers 2150 courses which include Business, Energy, Engineering, Fine Arts, Medicine, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Society, and Teaching and Education. MIT OCW also serves 125 monthly visitors worldwide.

MIT OpenCourseWare was launched in October 2002 and was originally funded by different foundations. The materials found on MIT OCW such as ebook lectures and videos are all available for viewing both online and offline.


is also an example of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that provides free online courses for people without charging for any price. It was founded in 2012 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University and has now garnered over 1.6 million users worldwide.

EdX also offers interactive online classes in partnership with the world’s best universities. The topics included on EdX courses include Engineering, Electronics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Business, Finance, Food and Nutrition, History, Humanities, Law, Literature, Math, Music, Medicine, Philosophy, Physics, Statistics, Science, and many more.


Academic Earth is a MOOC website founded by Richard Ludlow and co-founders Chris Bruner and Liam Pisano. It was launched in March 24, 2009. The Seattle-based website started with a mission of providing people a great source of world-class education. Through the years, it has transformed into a web-based platform where users from various places around the world freely interact with other people. Online educational resources from the world’s leading universities are also offered free at Academic Earth.

Today, Academic Earth offers courses in the field of Philosophy, Astronomy, Biology, Psychology, Mathematics, Political Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, English, Entrepreneurship, History, Law, Medicine, Physics, Religion, and Statistics.

15 Websites That Offer Free Video Intros for Classroom Presentations

free video intros

An impressive and catchy video presentation draws attention from the viewers as soon as it starts playing. An effective way to make stuff like this is to prepare a solid and attractive video introduction. It doesn’t only help you engage with the audience but it also builds a pleasant and lasting impression to everyone who watches it. However, creating video intros is not just a walk in the park; it takes creativity, hard work and professional skills to film an appealing video intro and for video editing dummies it would be a lot harder for them to create one.

free video intros
Image source: Pixabay

Today I’ll be walking you through a list of websites where you can download free video intros and other video footage for free. These websites offers free video intros designed by professionals which won’t cost you a dime. Isn’t that great? Some of these websites also offer professional templates, high-definition videos and 3D animations all for free.

Motion Elements is an online market place for stock videos which offers hundreds of free video intros for free with a wide range of categories.

Free Footage is neat website with a large collection of high definition video footage which you can also get without spending even a single cent.

Ignite Motion is another great website where you can find free video intros. It offers high quality resources of free video intros with high definition and other motion graphics which are all free.

Footage Crate offers royalty free video intros and other materials you can use in creating your video for commercial and non-commercial use. And I almost forgot, they are all free of charge.

Movie Tools, as its name says, offers a wide variety of stuff including free video intros you can use in creating a video presentation. It has also a forum where people share ideas and other helpful resources.

Videvo is another website which provides unlimited free video intros and other materials for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It also features an organized website where video clips are arranged per categories easy browsing.

Bottled Video is another great website on this list which makes free motion graphics available for anyone without any charge. From a family video production business, Bottled Video emerged into an online resource of free stock video footage.

Beach Front B-Roll is an online collection of free and unique high definition video footage as well as animated backgrounds. All of the clips found on this blogspot are free to be used and can be easily downloaded.

Motion Backgrounds For Free is another source of hundreds of free video intros and other motion backgrounds you can get absolutely free. It only requires everyone to sign up for an account before they can download clips.

Alex Free Stock Video Footage is a YouTube channel where you can download various high-definition video footage and other stock videos free of charge.

Open-Video Project is an online project which provides more than 5000 free video clips available in different genres.

X Stock Video offers free video intros and other footage with a resolution of 960×540 and HD resolution 1280×720. Stock videos under these resolutions are all free for download.

Neo’s Clip Archive offers over 3000 free stock motion graphics clips that are totally free for personal and non-commercial use. All the clips are available for unlimited downloads.

Stock Footage for Free is a website which showcases professional quality footage and videos you can download for free. It has a huge library of free stock videos which are in HD.

Detonation Films, again, as its name says, is a free resource of stock videos available for download. The clips they offer feature explosive video intros and other exciting effects.

If you have other websites in your list other than those of listed below, then you may share them at the comment section.

My Teachers’ Month-Inspired Powerpoint Template for Teachers

Powerpoint Template for Teachers

Howdy teachers! I’m aware that not all of us in the teaching profession have the time to prepare computer-aided visual aids such as video presentations, animations or even a background for a slide presentation. Some of us don’t even have the ability to create one especially those who are just starting to integrate the use of computers in their daily instructional activities. And just for the benefit of those who don’t have an idea, a great way to utilize the use of computers in teaching your pupils is the use of slideshows or presentations. The most common software to do it is by using Microsoft Powerpoint. One can enhance the use of Powerpoint by adding different background images or nice and clean templates.

Powerpoint Template for Teachers

Today I’m gonna give away my first free Powerpoint template for teachers. I created it in Photoshop on a 1024 x 768 resolution. My inspiration in creating these templates is the yearly celebration of the National Teachers’ Month which starts on September 5-October 5 2013. The templates come in 5 colors such blue green, blue, green, maroon and red. You can choose the color of your preference and download it for free. Or you can download them all.

Click the one you want to use.

Free Powerpoint Template for Teachers

How to use the templates:

  1. After downloading the files, go to your downloads folder.
  2. Select the file you have downloaded.
  3. Double-click to open the file or you can right-click on it and select open.
  4. A new Powerpoint presentation will open with the template you have downloaded.
  5. Select the type of layout you want for your presentation.

Tip: If you want to modify the layout of your presentation, please back up first your template before saving any changes. Or you can download them again here in this blog.

Soon I will also post some alternatives you can use in presenting your lessons and the various software you can download to maximize the use of computers in your classroom which can lead to better learning outcomes.

For more of free Powerpoint templates for teachers, please stay tuned at this blog.