A Teacher’s Rough and Tough Journey to Teaching

Teacher Grace Tura Antonio Juander Teacher

How far will you go for your pupils? What sacrifices are you willing to do just to impart learning? Have you even asked yourself these questions since you entered the teaching profession?

Throughout their careers, teachers face countless struggles. These include health problems, issues with co-teachers, parents, and of course, financial problems. These are just common hardships and normally, teachers overcome them…with flying colors.

But what about those struggles we don’t see in a day-to-day basis? Issues that even the most ambitious politicians cannot solve. Problems that are caused either by human negligence or natural calamities.

Mrs. Grace Tura Antonio, a Master Teacher from Matangad ES, Monkayo, Compostela Valley, have seen all that. And she didn’t treat these problems as hindrances to her daily task of teaching the young minds. Let us hear her heart-warming story.

Teacher Grace was first appointed as Teacher 1 by the Department of Education on October 15, 2004. She served as a Grade 1 and 2 teacher since her appointment and was promoted as a Master Teacher 1 last January 2014. She has also been serving as the Teacher In-charge of their school for the last two years and seven months.

Aside from her profession, Teacher Grace is also a proud and full-blooded member Mandaya Tribe.

During rainy season, she often finds herself trapped in a battle against the waves of a raging river. She risks her own life in crossing the powerful stream of water just to reach their school where her pupils are waiting for her.

Teacher Grace Tura Antonio Juander Teacher

“The picture above shows how difficult to travel to our school especially during rainy days. Being an indigenous (IP), I am very determined and glad to render my services in our school despite the road problem because most of our pupils are also IP’s like me.

Bale sa ngayon po,sinimulan na pong gawin yong tulay sa isang ilog…yong sa isa po wala pa daw budget…tapos yong sa kalsada naman po, wala po talagang rehabilitasyon..minsan nga po eh kusa napo kaming teachers nagbibigay ng suhol sa mga taong tumutulong sa amin na may madadaanan yong motor namin…

Sobra po talaga ang risk sa daanan namin papuntang skul lalo na po kapag tag-ulan…”

Here’s a video clip of Mrs. Antonio’s breath-taking attempt in crossing the rampant river.

Mrs. Antonio’s inspiring story was also once featured by Mel Tiangco in a segment in GMA’s nightly news program 24 Oras in June 2013 where she and her co-teachers were shown traversing the rocky and risky roads of Mt. Diwata in the town of Monkayo, Compostela Valley. Here are the video clips of the said segment.


Teacher Grace also clarified that their school is situated at Sitio Matangad, Barangay Upper Ulip and not at Mt. Diwata or Diwalwal as opposed to the initial reports.

Mrs. Antonio has also implemented a successful reading program which prompted their governor in an effort to provide electricity to the said community.

“Share ko na rin po sir na nagkaroon po ng kuryente ang lugar na yan dahil din po sa reading program na ginawa ko at na-implement sa school namin…bale napansin po ng governor namin ang unique na program at ang magandang epekto nito sa kabataan….so ginawan nya kaagad ng paraan na magkaroon ng kuryente doon…”

Just like any of us, Teacher Grace has also a dream for her fellow Mandayas and the youth of her small community.

“Yon lang naman po sana ang dream ko, ang matulungan ang mga katribu ko na mapaganda ang daan at makapagtapos ng pag-aaral ang mga kabataan…”

A special thanks to Mrs. Grace Tura Antonio for sharing her remarkable teaching experiences.

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Teach, learn, inspire. Every Filipino teacher, is a Juander Teacher.

DepEd Online Application System – The Complete Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

DepEd Online Application System

Hi, I’m Omar. I am a teacher applicant for the elementary level at the Division of Bataan. I can assume you are here because you want to be enlightened about the procedures of acquiring your Unique Applicant Number (UAN) or because you are having troubles getting through the newly implemented DepEd Online Application System. Well, you are on the right place. I was one of the fortunate applicants to successfully secure my UAN that’s why I’m here to help you with the process.

Since it was the first time this system has been implemented, there were a lot of errors applicants have encountered while applying online in the past week. These include server backlogs, wrong email addresses, TIN, or wrong inputs of data. Below are the initial steps you have to follow in order to avoid these errors and to have a successful registration.

Please read them CAREFULLY.

Visit this URL to apply for a Unique Applicant Number (UAN)

–► http://application.deped.gov.ph/

[note]To my dear readers and fellow applicants, please let us understand that the DepEd HRIS team are doing their best to respond to all our queries. Due to the hundreds of emails they receive every hour, there have been delays to their response to some of our emails. Rest assured that they will be sending you your UAN or verification emails in due time. Thank you for your understanding[/note]


We are glad to announce that the DepEd HRIS team has responded to the concerns we have forwarded to them. Please read the document below to read about the answers or solutions to the common problems you have encountered recently.


To all teacher-applicants who did not receive their verification email yet, please register here (Use the form below). Please enter only ONE (1) valid email address that you already registered with in application.deped.gov.ph where you want your validation email to be sent. NO FOLLOW-UPS and NO MULTIPLE EMAIL. We will send you the notification as soon as possible.

-DepEd HRIS Team


[button link=”[button url=”https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxGiBzFkhUFlY2RWTWhVSHBZUEk&usp=sharing” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#02a922″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: arrow-down”]DOWNLOAD DEPED ONLINE APPLICATION FAQs[/button]

Recently, applicants are encountering common errors. Here’s some of them:


1. “Everytime I click the SUBMIT button lage pong nirereply ay Please enter your Birthdate/Tin.Pag na encode ko naman po then I click submit button again ang lage pong sinasabi ng dialog box ay Your PDS has been successfully saved!.Ibig po bang sabihin nito ay nasubmit nayung PDS ko and wait for 48 hours or or hndi pa?Anu po bang dapat kung gawin?


2. “The verification email was already sent to my email but the problem this time is that when I click “here” the page of it doesn’t appear any messages like ‘Congratulations! …..’ I just saw the logo of DepEd and also the Register on the other side. What will I do?”


3. “Sir meron na po akong UAN . Upon download po ng PDS ko nakita ko po na may mga missing data so I email d deped to reopen my PDS for update. ang problema ko po ngaun ay may panibagong UAN na nag appear sa dashboard ko. Everytym i sign in sa deped onlinesystem ung bago na po na uam ang nag aapear. Tanong ko lang po f ganun b tlga pag nag update ng PDS? Another is na forward ko na sa skul yung first UAN ko. Will it affect my application?”


Please read this Memorandum from DepEd Assistant Secretary Jesus L.R. Mateo

 Deped Online Application System Memo

DepEd Online Application System


1. On Step 1, use a working email address. A working email address is an EXISTING email address that you can open and access from time to time. This is the email you always use when checking messages from your contacts, it may also be the one you are using when logging on Facebook and other social media network.

2. Still on Step 1. On the application page DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT enter an email that is not existing or has not been created yet on the field that says “E-Mail (Valid email only; preferably @deped.gov.ph if applicable)”. If  you want to use a new email, create the email first before typing it at the “E-mail” field to make sure it is working and available then proceed with the application.

3. If you have successfully registered but can’t see a confirmation link to your email. Check your Spam folder. Both Yahoo Mail and Gmail have Spam folders however, Yahoo Mail more often filters emails and put it on Spam folder.

For Yahoo Mail, Spam folder is located below Inbox>Drafts>Sent at the right hand pane of the screen.

For Gmail, it is also located at the right hand pane of the screen. Click on the word “More” and you should see your Spam folder.

4. If you don’t have an existing email, it is better to use Gmail. It is easier to use and has a lot of functionalities. It is also less prone to Spam as compared to Yahoo Mail.


Question No. 1: I Don’t have a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), what should I do?


[note]As of April 9, 2015, applicants may now start to apply without TIN. Instead, you will be presenting any of the following IDs: Voter’s ID, Passport ID, SSS, GSIS UMID, Postal ID, and Philhealth.[/note]

Answer: BIR advises you to register for a TIN here. Please also watch the video below to guide you on the steps in registering your TIN online.

Visit this URL to apply for a TIN online:


BIR TIN Online Application

Question No. 2: I always experience a 404 error on my browser. What causes this and how should I get rid of it?

Answer: 404 errors are caused by several factors, one of the most common factors is the server load. When the DepEd servers cannot handle the load of a page due to the number of people accessing it, the website will display a temporary message like the one you often encounter. (See image below)

DepEd Online Application System 404 Error

Here’s the workaround: 

1. Force refresh your browser. Do this by pressing the “F5”  button on your keyboard or right click on your mouse on any part of the webpage then select “Reload” or “Refresh”.  On my part, I kept on refreshing the webpage until the website reloaded again without the 404 error.

2. Change your browser settings or clear the browsing data, cache, and cookies. The steps in clearing your browser data varies depending each browser and the versions installed in the computer. Below are the links on how to clear your browsing history, cookies, and cache.

Google Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95582

Mozilla Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-clear-firefox-cache

Safari: http://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac-software/how-clear-safari-history-cookies-3496193/

Opera: http://help.opera.com/Windows/12.10/en/cache.html

Internet Explorer: https://kb.wisc.edu/page.php?id=15141

For all browsers including Android: https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic

Question No. 3: I accidentally submitted my PDS but I was not yet finished filling out all the information. What should I do.

Answer: Kindly send your complete name and email address to depedhris.twg@gmail.com with the subject DATA CORRECTION.

Question No. 4: I missed filling up the position I am applying for before proceeding with the online PDS. How can I solve this issue?

Answer: If you have missed or skipped filling up the POSITION field on your dashboard, then it will cause the NON-ISSUANCE of your UAN. That is not a system problem. Kindly send your complete name and email address to depedhris.twg@gmail.com with the subject PDS Encoded Request to RE-OPEN.

Question No. 5: On the online PDS, only the year 2005 and the previous years are available. How to fix this?

Answer: Just type the correct date on the box using this format. For example, you have graduated on college on March 26, 2013 then it should go like this, 2013-03-26

Question No. 6: Where can I find my Unique Applicant Number?

Answer: Your Unique Applicant Number (UAN) can be found on the following:

1. DepEd Application Dashboard. It is a 9-digit alphanumeric characters written in green text.
2. UAN email confirmation.
3. Upper right hand corner of the generated Personal Data Sheet.

Question No. 7: The page shows, “Invalid Confirmation Key”

DepEd Online Application System Invalid Confirmation Key

Answer: Kindly send your complete name and email address at depedhris.twg@gmail.com with the subject REQUEST RESETTING OF PASSWORD.

Question No. 8: How can I print my e-PDS?

Answer: On the email that will be sent to you by DepEd PTS which contains your UAN, there’s a link to download your e-PDS on the line that says “Click here to download your PDS.” It comes in a PDF format. You can print it and submit it to your division office. (See image below)

DepEd Online Application System


1. For those who have yet to receive their UAN by Monday, April 6, 2015 via email or via the DepEd dashboard, please send a new email at depedhris.twg@gmail.com with the subject NO UAN SENT as of April 6, 2015.

2. For those who have data corrections for the online PDS, like wrong birth date, wrong barangays or municipalities, kindly send your complete name and email address to depedhris.twg@gmail.com with the subject DATA CORRECTION and explain your case very well.

3. If you have missed or skipped filling up the POSITION field on your dashboard, then it will cause the NON-ISSUANCE of your UAN. Let us clarify that this is not a system problem.

4. If you have registered prior to April 9, 2015 and has yet to receive a verification email, then please register again with a VALID and WORKING email address that you still have access to.

For suggestions and other queries, please leave a comment below. Please share it to your friends who are still having difficulties signing up with the DepEd Online Application System. Thank you and God bless.

PRC Reschedules Licensure Examination for Teachers

Licensure Examination for Teachers

MANILA, May 20, 2014 – The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces on their official website the new schedule of the Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (BLEPT). The said exam will be rescheduled on August 17, 2014.

Licensure Examination for Teachers

The initial date of examination for aspiring teachers was on July 27, 2014. Meanwhile the deadline for filing applications for professional teachers will be on June 15, 2014.

PRC said that the sudden rescheduling was recommended to give way to the centennial anniversary celebration of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) which happened to be on July 27, 2014 as well.

Aside from the BLEPT, PRC also rescheduled the examination for Physicians and Sanitary Engineers.

ALSO READ: 10 Tips in Taking the LET Exam (Licensure Examination for Teachers)

On the recently issued Commission Resolution No. 838, PRC said that,

“there is a need to reschedule the BLEPT as well as other licensure examinations that will be affected including the Physician and the Sanitary Engineer licensure exam to ensure the smooth and orderly conduct of the exams”.

The following table shows the new date of examination and the deadline of application for Teachers.

Professional Teachers July 27, 2014 August 17, 2014 June 15, 2014

For Physicians and Sanitary Engineers, please refer to PRC’s official website.

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Here Are Some of the 2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

Before we proceed with the main topic, let me greet you with a HAPPY AND BLISSFUL NEW YEAR!

Teachers are one of the busiest people you can find on all kinds of communities. Their busy schedule sometimes affects their personal lives especially their daily routines. Their hectic and straight teaching hours often lead to the lack of time for preparing quality instruction. I also encounter these problems and sometimes, I end up regretful with the things I think I should have done well in the past that will benefit me as a teacher and my pupils as individuals. And since it is New Year’s Day, I want to grab this opportunity to list down my New Year’s Resolutions for teachers. These resolutions are all applicable not only for me but for all the teachers who may find it helpful for their daily activities as educators. I hope you can also share yours at the end of this article.

1. Be more organized

New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

Teaching requires a lot of time and I think it would be helpful for a teacher to always stay organized with the educational materials you will be using for instruction. One way I think that would avoid a messy work station is by cleaning your room first. After that, you should prepare drawers and organizers from where you will consistently keep your records as to where they belong. I said it because, often, heavily tired teachers have the tendency to put things out of its designated drawer, envelope, or organizer. You may also want to add labels into your drawers.

2. Sleep and wake up early

New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

This one is quite hard to achieve especially if you know the nature of the teaching profession which is that school works will often be a part of your house chores. Stuff like checking assignments, preparing lesson plans, and other things related to teaching. With this, teachers sometimes lack time to sleep which in turn leads to unhealthier body. This is critical for teachers since a sluggish or sick teacher is more likely to deliver his lessons ineffectively. One way to avoid it is to set a time when you will go to bed and have a good night sleep. Take note that this requires discipline and by sleeping earlier, it’s expected that you’ll also wake up early to fulfill your responsibilities as a teacher.

3. Spend more time in knowing your students

New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers
The picture above was taken on our last day of Practice Teaching at Kaparangan Elementary School. That was me with my Grade 4 pupils.

Having a good relationship with your students helps a teacher to feel the positive sides of the teaching profession. However, creating a better connection between you and your pupils will transform you from being a teacher to their second parent. By studying their family backgrounds, likes and dislikes, and interests in study, you’ll learn that teaching is not just a profession. You’ll realize that teaching is a vocation or a calling from which you belong. It is a mission God has given you to mold every single student in your class into future leaders and productive individuals. By knowing your students more, you’ll definitely find out that the different statuses and situations your students have. And with this, you will gain the love from them by letting them feel that you’re not just their teacher but you are also a friend, a mother, and a father a companion who always listens.

4. Have some time for yourself

Tips in taking the LET

Teachers aren’t robots; they are humans capable of being tired, stressed, or worse, depressed. These cannot be avoided throughout our careers and finding a way to lessen or recover from these worrying situations will help us get back on our tracks and perform our duties as educators. And honestly, the best way to deal with these stressful circumstances is to give ourselves more time to reflect and to ponder on things that will develop better versions of us this year. By giving yourself a time to relax, you will be able to plan for your school works efficiently. And as result, you will be a more productive teacher.

When you feel down, have some sleep, go on the church, watch a movie or eat some healthy food. You can do this on your own but having a buddy or your family with you during these activities will also do.

Take note that plans and resolutions are useless if you won’t work hard to achieve them. After all, your success in everything you want to happen for this year still depends on your focus, your will, and your determination to make them all happen.

I hope you find these resolutions helpful but if you have something better in mind, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. And that should do it for my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers. What about you? What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2014? Please share them on the comment section. Thank you.

Share & Organize Your Files with Pearltrees, An Online Library for Your Students

Image screenshot from Pearltrees

What is Pearltrees?

Pearltrees is a free online library that lets you organize your files, web page links, photos, notes, and even your personal stuff. It allows you to create mindmaps with a general idea linking to other related topics. These mindmaps may contain bookmarked pages from your blogs or articles from your favorite websites. Pearltrees also allows you to upload files from your hard drive and organize them online.


Sharing your mindmaps is also easy as Pearltrees works like a social bookmarking site. You may share your mindmaps and your files anywhere you want. Pearltrees aims to connect people with the same interests.


Access to your files, bookmarks, and mindmaps has been made effortless by Pearltrees as you can use Pearltrees in various devices. It also comes in an iOS and an Android App which you can use on your mobile devices.


Pearltrees also works in a collaborative manner that’s why you can view other people’s stuff that suits your interest. You may also follow other people’s activity by picking pearltrees made by them and adding it to your account.

Applications for Education

Since Pearltrees works like a social bookmarking site, you may ask your students to collect their favorite stuffs online. This may include their favorite photos and videos. You may also ask them to collect and organize their online portfolios found on their blogs or websites and put it on their Pearltrees account.

As a teacher, you may also instruct them to merge their online projects together with their offline portfolios. For example, give them a project on making a paper mache and ask them to make one based on a video tutorial they can find online via video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion. Have your students take photos of their offline work such as the paper mache and organize it on a mindmap together with the link containing their reference video tutorial.