When Will There Be a “Teacher Protection Policy”?

After Sen. Sonny Angara proposes a bill that will amend Republic Act 10627 or the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013, teachers have extended their mixed reactions with regards to the said amendment. If this bill will be passed, it will add more teeth to the relatively new Anti-Bullying Act and will have the power penalize teachers, school personnel, and other employees who will be proven guilty of bullying.

Teacher Protection Policy

As citizens of this democratic country, it is our responsibility to abide by the laws. However, most of our lawmakers are not aware that teachers can also BECOME VICTIMS OF BULLYING. Yes, you heard it right. Teachers, just like any other normal human being, are not immune from bullying.

QUESTION: Who’s going to bully teachers?

I might sound dumb if I tell you that there are pupils or students who are ‘capable’ of bullying not just their classmates but also their teachers. You may be skeptical about it and I won’t blame you for that matter but believe it or not, this is not just a personal point of view but rather the perspective of many other teachers out there whose voices are not being heard. For now, let me be their voice.

I, myself, have witnessed it firsthand. Back when were student teachers or practice teachers, a colleague of mine handling a Grade 4 class had a hard time teaching. Instead of listening, the pupils have instead teased the teacher, yelling and dubbing her as “dragon“. The teacher on the other hand wasn’t able to do anything but to endure all she heard. I know this because I was right at the other room and I have also handled the same class and I can honestly say that those pupils were really tough to handle. And yes, they are capable…of bullying teachers.

Other stockholders such as parents, fellow teachers and the community members can also be subjected to bullying on certain cases. But it seems unfortunate that teachers are not being given the protection to spare themselves from these kinds of incidents.

So going back to the title, when will there be a “Teacher Protection Policy”? The answer lies to the people whom we entrusted our votes to and to the organizations responsible for fighting for the rights of teachers. For now, I think I’ll just leave you with a Facebook post from Mrs. Jai Sampedro that went viral last year. It goes like this:

Teacher Protection Policy

Source and credit:  Mrs. Jai Sampedro

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