10 Tips in Taking the LET Exam (Licensure Examination for Teachers)

Every person who just graduated with a degree in education has a common goal – to pass the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers). This exam is everyone’s stepping stone in crossing the threshold of being a fully-pledged professional teacher. But passing the LET is, of course, easier said than done. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. But aside from these two things, there are still various factors to consider in preparing for this examination.

Today, i’ll be sharing 10 tips in taking the LET exam which will surely be helpful for everyone who’s going to take the said licensure examination. It’s quite a long post so please bear with me. I’m not an expert on giving advice and I’m not forcing you to follow these guidelines. These won’t guarantee you a 100% possibility of passing but reading these tips will be of great help. So here they are.

10 Tips in Taking the LET Exam


You know yourself better than anyone else so I’m sure it won’t be hard for you to do. First, take a look at your Transcript of Records (TOR) or you can just assess yourself to realize what subjects you find yourself having trouble. For example, some of the Filipinos, including yours truly are not good in Math, what’s in for you? Take note also of your strong points. List down all of these subjects and proceed to tip number 2.


After listing all your strengths and weaknesses, you can now assign a working schedule for each of them. Make it one at a time. I repeat “ONE AT A TIME”. I said that because having a cluttered schedule or “To do” list will result into information overload which, I tell you, is not good.

tips in taking the LET exam

So for example, if you’re not good in Math and Science, you may schedule a time for each of them. Let’s say you’ll have Math for the morning and Science in the afternoon or you may review Math on M-W-F and Science on T-Th. But of course devote also some of your time to review other subjects; you can do it for two weeks or a month and then move on with other ones. And for the subjects where you are good at, you may also set a schedule for them to further enhance the retention of knowledge.


For General Education, review the basic and general concepts of each subject. Remember that you have taken most of these concepts back in elementary and high school so there’s a great possibility that you have forgotten them already.

  • For Math: Fractions, Volumes, Percentage, Areas, and Elementary Algebra
  • For English: Figures of speech and the Subject and Verb Agreement.
  • For Filipino: Tayutay, Retorika, Pagbasa at Pagsulat
  • For Science: Biology, Physical Science and Earth Science.


That’s quite many to accomplish so again review each subject “ONE AT A TIME”

Meanwhile, for Professional Education, I advise you to focus on the major philosophies of education. There are few subjects which are frequently present on the actual examination, these are:

  • Educational Philisophies – The famous “isms” (Realism, Idealism, Pragmatism, and many more.)
  • Principles of Teaching
  • Facilitating and Learning
  • For Childhood Development, remember Freud (Psychosexual), Erikson (Psychosocial) and Gardner (Multiple Intelligence)


LET is all about common sense and analytical skills. Most of the questions are situational ones and will surely squeeze your brain out. To lessen the difficulty, the best technique you can use is the elimination method or just what I said, your common sense. I’ll discuss this further on the 10 Tips in taking the LET Exam Part II: On Examination Day – The BIG Day.

Tip: There are some observations which states that LET examinations nowadays contain a lot of SATA (Select All That Apply) questions. What you can do is to try to answer a handful of these questions to develop your analytical thinking skills.


Mañana habit somehow became an attachment to Filipino culture. So I’m not asking you to kick it off your lifestyle, instead I’m appealing to you that even for a month or two, try to avoid it. SELF-DISCIPLINE and FOCUS on your goal will be a defining factor for your success so learn how to control yourself to fight distractions while having your review.

tips in taking the LET exam

Tip: When reviewing, avoid places where there are beds or a couch, the tendency is that you will have a hard time controlling your sleepy head especially when you know there’s a comfortable bed just a few steps from you. And one more thing, STAY AWAY FROM FACEBOOK!


There’s no greater feeling than enjoying what you are doing and if you do, chances are you will be able to remember and understand all the things you put in your mind.


You are not a robot and you are not Superman. If you’re the type of person who takes review religiously, then take some time to rest. At the end, you will realize that you should be physically healthy especially on examination day. You don’t want to take the exam feeling sluggish.


Being physically fit before and during the examination day is not enough; you also need to feed your soul. You will feel good about yourself when you know that you have God on your back when you take the LET. Pray and thank God every time possible, He will not let you down.


Keep calm and relax.  A day or night before the big day, watch a movie, or have a healthy dinner with your friends, this will keep you out of the stresses you had in your review.

Here’s an optional tip. You may follow this one or not. Before the exam, do not try to bring any review material. But why? Here’s the thing, when you take your materials with you on or before the examination, there’s a possibility for you to get stressed. How? Okay let’s say you’re the “subusub sa pag-aaral” or the “last minute” type of person and you attempted to look at any of your reviewers hours before the exam and found terms or concepts which you didn’t know of, then it might bother you and cause you headache. Again, that would bring you no good. But as I said, this is optional and you may follow your own preferences.


Lastly, when you are already physically, spiritually, and mentally ready for the exam, which I mentioned on tips 7, 8, and 9 respectively, then it’s time that you DO IT. I mean pack all the things you need to bring for the exam and prepare yourself for the big day. Leave your gadgets including your cell phone as this is not allowed inside the examination room. Make sure you have checked your room assignment. Set your mind towards your goal – to pass the LET. Lastly, sleep early the night before the exam and as you wake up in the morning, thank and ask the Lord for His guidance.

Oh and I almost forgot, don’t forget to bring your Notice of Admission (NOA).

On Part 2 of my 10 Tips in Taking the LET Exam, I’ll be sharing some tips to consider during the examination. Good luck future teachers!

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  1. Nice tips. These are not only applicable to LET but to any exam that you should prepare for. I think one should not be too over confident for an approaching an exam and still review for it. 🙂

    1. Yup. thank you for that nice input. 🙂 You’re right Roch, over confidence sometimes becomes the reason for failure so might as well be humble and strive hard.Thanks!

  2. I’m currently taking up BEED Major in Preschool and few years time, I’ll take the LET Exam. These tips will be so helpful especially the subjects that I have to take.

    And you’re right with one thing: Use the common sense. It’s so useful. 😀

    1. Really? That’s nice, Good luck fellow teacher. I assume you’re patient (dealing with kids right)haha. That’s a tough job. yeah, common sense will be of great help in any examination. Thank you and God bless. 🙂

  3. I think your tips can be made applicable to any kind of test. I mean, I’ve religiously done some of those back in school. Nonetheless, yours will greatly help a lot more people who’ll take the LET exam. I actually remembered someone back in College. He really didn’t study but still passed the LET exam. Then again, I think he was just lucky.

    1. Haha.Ma’am Mai, that’s really true. LET sometimes comes with luck but perseverance is a greater guarantee and can give you a boost knowing that you have prepared well for the exam.Thanks for the nice input. 🙂

    1. Yup you have a point Sir papaleng, I will improved the list one of these days but I’m really hopeful this would be of so much help for any LET taker. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  4. In my experience, half of passing any exam is getting to know the exam. If there are sample exams, they should also be part of the review so as to familiar oneself with the way the exam is conducted. If there aren’t, then well, FOCUS is the key. And sticking to the time line.

    1. That’s one good tip Sir Jayce, thanks for your 2 cents. Yup, that’s true. You have to familiarize yourself on the technical aspects of the exam. Sometimes, even the bright ones fail the exam because of technical issues such as proper shading, erasures etc. again thanks!

  5. I guess this is not only applicable for LET, this must be apply to any board exams. Obviously, I was not equipped with the list you mentioned above when I took my board exam for ECE, so I failed the test.

    1. You’re welcome Katnis, I’m glad to be of help. Please visit this blog again for more tips about the teaching profession. Good luck!

  6. I am working for many years as accounting staff (did not take CPA board exam) and I realized I love to encourage people by being a teacher.

    What are my options to be eligible for a LET exam?

    Looking forward to your reply

    1. Hi Sir Danilo,
      First of all, thank you for dropping a comment on my blog and it’s good to hear that even you had a different job for years, you now have a new found passion.

      To answer your question, you may take the LET exam if you have a certain number of Education units, the most common numbers of required units are 18. That’s about two semesters of study. However, if you choose to teach elementary pupils or high school students, I think you must first take Bachelor in Elementary Education or Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in (Your chosen field e.g. Mathematics).

      Just in case you chose to teach elem.or high school, some of your minor subjects way back in your college days may be credited, thus, lessening your subject loads and tuition fee. For now, that’s all. If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask.

      -Omar Manalansan

    2. Hi Sir,
      In your case, you are a second courser. This means you just need to take 18 units of education which will take you about a sem or two depending on the number of units you enrolled. Currently, There are universities/colleges that offers 18 units of education while others offers up to 32 units. It’s up to you which you will take. As far as I know, PRC will allow second courser to take LET if they finished the 18 units required. You can check their website for more details. You also need to consider the time frame, tuition fee and schedule specially if you are working. Some of the reputable universities around manila offers a flexible schedule made for working students like PNU, UE, NTC, UST, UP-OU and others has saturday/sunday classes for while some has night classes offered. You can check Edu.phil.org to know more. Thanks! 🙂

  7. Salamat po sa mga tips na ito. Dahil sa second courser ako, hindi lahat ng Prof Ed ang available sa 18 units na nakuha ko. Nai-jot down ko na din yung mga ilang topics na ni-recommend nyo for the exam. Malaking tulong ito at maiibabahagi ko din sa mga naging mate ko sa 18 units session.
    God Bless po and More Power!!

    1. Walang anuman po Ma’am Asuncion. It’s my pleasure to help my fellow educators. If you can, please share this blog to your friends and classmates. Salamat po sa pagbisita. Good luck and God bless! 🙂

  8. thank you for this. it helps a lot. I’ll recommend this to my fellow soon to be Educator. God Bless and more power!!

    1. Hi Ma’am Judy, sorry for the late reply. I enrolled in a review center at our province that’s why it took me 3-5 months in reviewing for the LET. But those are just weekly sessions, I also took some time to review on my own.

  9. Hellow sir. i’m a fresh graduate and i took up BSE-English. Passing the LET examination is my ultimate goal, because this is my stepping stone in having a stable job for me to help my Family. Thank you for sharing your helpful tips and may God help us to pass the LET Examination.:)

    1. Hi Van Gutzer,

      You’re most welcome. Indeed, all of us dream of having a stable job to support the needs of our families. But we must first bear in our hearts and minds the responsibilities on our hands once we choose to be on the teaching profession. Wishing you good luck in taking the LET. Study hard, PRAY harder!

      Kind regards,


  10. Hi sir, thank you so much for these tips. These could help me a lot in my upcoming LET exam. It’s my first time and since I am just an earner of education units and a hands-on mother of two, I have this tendency of getting tired early. However, this blog is pushing me to hit my target perfectly with God’s divine guidance of course. Kudos for this blog of yours. I think and I believe I can do it. Its just a matter of self-discipline. Thanks again for these guidelines

    1. Hi Ma’am Kate,

      Wow, thanks for the kind words. Comments like these keep me inspired and push me to continue blogging useful articles. There’s a Part 2 of these tips which focuses on the examination day, please stay tuned. Keep praying Ma’am and with the Lord’s guidance, claim your license. Claim it and it will be yours. Good luck and God bless.

      Kind regards,

      Omar Manalansan

  11. thanks for the tips that i need to be ready physically, spiritually and mentally for my upcoming exam. God bless! 🙂

  12. Hello Sir! your tips inspire me a lot, I can say to myself, KAYA KO TO! I am a second courser, working as a call center agent, a mom of two and a wife of course, reviewing is a BIG challenge for me, during my work off I am in a review center, and I take time to read my materials kahit saglit before I go to bed, pero been struggling in managing my review sched, this blog is really helpful,I should stay away from Bed.LOL. have deactivated my FB account already, hahaha! FOCUS is really the KEY.. Good luck and Good Bless us Teachers.

    1. Wow, those are nice words! Thank you so much Anne. Yes, taking a review while you have a day time job is a real challenge. However, success will be much sweeter for you if ever you successfully passed the upcoming LET examination considering the hard work you have put up as an aspiring teacher and a working mom. So best of luck. Keep praying and yes, stay away from Facebook.lol 😀 God bless you!

  13. Hi sir, your tips encouraged me to focus hard in my review even though I’m a broken-hearted this time. I know I can make it with the help of our Almighty God. Thanks for this tips. Godbless 🙂

    1. Hi Reah,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m not a relationship expert but what I can tell you is to focus on your review, at least on the next 40 days of your life (If you’re about to take the August 2014 LET). After that, you may take care of your emotional concerns such as your broken heart. In a different perspective, a broken heart can also be a source of strength. Take it as a challenge to prove yourself to anyone who hurt you. Use your situation to push yourself from performing well in the upcoming examination. Good luck and God bless.

  14. Planning to pursue teaching as part of my plan to change my career path. I’m considering taking the 18 units by second semester and those tips you’ve mentioned above inspire me a lot to finally decide on this matter.

    I have been very skeptic about embracing teaching profession over my current job. However, upon weighing things on a matter of job security, I would say, you’re more secured when you’re in a government office/job than with an NGO. Practicality wise, this crosses my standard and as a mother of four, I have come to realize that I would love to give it a try and hopefully becomes my forte.

    Nice blog sir 🙂

    1. Hi Ma’am Shannen,

      That was interesting. I also made a change in my career path. Before I decided to take up BEEd, I was and is still fascinated with computers and the internet. I’m primarily inclined with ICT and other techie stuff but one of the factors that led me to teaching was, frankly, job security. But of course I do love teaching not only as a profession but as a vocation as well. Good luck to your endeavor and may God bless you with your decision. Thanks for dropping by.

  15. Hello Sir Omar,

    I’m so grateful to have found the tips which you have posted on your blog. A few months ago, I was feeling undetermined with my upcoming LET exam. Everything seemed too hopeless because of the manana habit and laziness. Now that i have found the tips, I have realized that I still have more time to prepare myself. Gonna make these tips as my motivation. This inspires me a lot. Thank you so much sir Omar. God bless you! You’re such a blessing to me.

    1. Hi Ma’am Julaila,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. You still have a month to prepare for the LET exam so make the most out of your time. Just try to follow these tips and I’m positive that you’ll do good on examination day. Just keep on praying. God is Good. Good luck and God bless.

  16. Gudpm sir,

    I am a second courser and BSE major in TLE. Big help po itong mga tips niyo sir.thanks a lot.pero may mga tips b kau or pointers for TLE sir?

    1. Hi Ma’am Maricel,

      Thanks for dropping by. You’re welcome. Unfortunately, I’m a BEEd Major in General Education graduate so I can’t give you pointers regarding TLE. But if you’re going to take the LET next month I think it’s better to focus more on Professional Education subjects. Thank you so much.God bless.

  17. Hello sir! I just found your blog very encouraging. I’m a BEEd Major in Preschool graduate and about to take the LET next month. What I do everyday is to get a handout from my shelf and review that from 8am-12pm. As I have read from other tips on reviewing, the best time of the day to review is when you got up from bed in the morning, somehow I agree with that. I know I sometimes stressed myself out knowing that I still have so many subjects to review, what do you think should I do? should I review the whole day? thank you in advance 🙂

    1. And oh by the way, I always take notes every time i read so that when I’m done with everything i have something as a refresher.

    2. Hi Ma’am Roselle. Thank you for sharing your review experiences and routines. To answer your question, review one subject at a time. You cannot review them all especially when you’re worried about the loads of information you have to read. Just take one subject at a time. If I’m in your shoes, I will not consume the whole day staring at my notes, instead, I’ll take a break once in a while to walk around, eat or have a coffee break, or watch a movie. With this, you won’t get exhausted on your review sessions. But do not take extended breaks. Practice self discipline while you’re on a review. I hope I have answered your question Ma’am. Thanks again. Good luck and God bless. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for the help! I just get worried sometimes knowing I’m on a self-review while my classmates are on review centers and the like. I just thought it would be practical if I review by myself because after all I already did, for the past 4yrs. 🙂 Yesterday, I reviewed while having some music on and found it really enjoying. I’m working on my prof ed studies now and what startled me is a bundle of notes waiting to be read. I just hope to finish them all a week before the big day! Goodluck to me and thanks to you Sir! God Bless 🙂

        1. Hi Ma’am Roselle, thanks for dropping a reply. 🙂 Yes, music helps a lot especially when you’re getting bored on the tons of notes you have to read. It’s okay to have a self-review as long as you have self discipline and the determination to read consistently on a daily basis. Just remember what I said, review each subject “One at a time”. Believe that you can do it and with the Lord’s guidance, claim your license now! Good luck and God bless 🙂

  18. slmt po s mga tips n naishare nyo po..mlaking tulong po ito saken kahit po d po ako pumasa nun bagkus dahil sa inyo naniniwala po ako sa mga tips nyo parang kaya ko na po pumasa..slmt po at more power

    god bless

    1. Maraming salamat Ma’am Ruby. Huwag lang po kayo mawalan ng pag-asa at patuloy po kayo na maniwala at magtiwala sa inyong sarili pero higit sa lahat, unahin ang pagtawag sa Panginoon. God bless you and Good luck!

  19. this is a wonderful post, very informative, but I’m having a hard time having peace of mind because I am a non-education graduate, a graduate of BS-Mathematics, who plans to take LET, if I’m not mistaken, I read somewhere that

    “graduates of non-education degrees shall take 18 units of professional education courses and 12 units experiential learning courses (Field Study and Practice Teaching (Field Study and Practice Teaching)to quality for LET.”

    this seems contradictory to what majority tell about non-education graduates who only need to take 18 units of professional education courses. Do we, non-education graduates really have to take those 30 units to qualify to the LET ?? or do we only need 18 units ??

    lastly, I was able to download a pdf file containing the coverage of the latest LET which just took place last july 27, 2014.

    Under the “Coverage for Professional Education”, the coverage of the examination includes FIELD STUDY & PRACTICE TEACHING !!

    I was worried about this because it would be quite unfair to us non-education graduates to be tested under FIELD STUDY & PRACTICE TEACHING, given of course that we only have to take 18 units of Professional Education courses, which is still I am not sure of

    I am really desperate right now 🙁

    1. Hi Sir Ron,

      Thanks for the comment. First, I cannot blame you for being worried about your situation which, even I, cannot answer. For a long time, I also believed that you only need 18 units of professional education to qualify for LET. However, there may be some updates regarding this policy. I’ll try to get back on you sir regarding this matter, ASAP.

      Talking about the coverage of Prof. Ed., please lessen your worries because questions from these areas are usually based on real-life situations. Please try to have a positive and peaceful mind as the August 2014 LET is fast approaching. Worry less, study hard, and pray harder. Good luck sir and God bless.

          1. Thanks po for sharing your tips ! Many times na po ako kumuha ng exam, mag take po ako sa sept.27 i feel to be a board passers now …..pls. Pray for me !!!!!!! Thanks po…………

  20. Soo helpful! 1 week to go and it’s the Big day! We just need to be optimistic and don’t forget to seek God’s guidance before and during the exam.

    My mom just passed away last June. I’m just trying to take the exam even if I’m not that ready. I’m working as a call center agent and on a graveyard shift.. I know with the help of God, my family and also your tips I will surely pass the exam. 🙂

    1. Hi Antonette, sorry to hear that. I’m sure your Mom will be proud of you so be ready to claim your license on Sunday. It will also be good for you to take a break (maybe a week long) from your job. Prepare yourself for the BIG day. Just like what I always say, study hard, pray harder! Good luck and God bless.

    1. Hi Ma’am Jenelyn, the metered-stamp envelope was supposed to be one of those you need to purchase when you submitted your application for the LET at PRC Office. If I’m not mistaken, the envelope will contain your LET result which will be sent to you by PRC. If you were not able to purchase one, I think it’s okay because the proctor will provide you a mailing envelope for about 21 to 25 pesos. Huwag po kayo bumili ng mailing envelope sa labas. Sa proctor na lang po.

  21. hi sir,

    i am a non-educ graduate and currently studying supplemental this 1st sem, practice teaching will be offered on the 2nd sem but unfortunately i can’t get the subject because of time conflict considering I am working.

    is it a requirement for LET Exam yung Practice teaching?..
    what are the remedy for practice teaching subject?..

    thanks.more power!

    1. Hi Ma’am Susie,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. As far as I know, you must have your TOR when you apply for the LET and when we say TOR, it must include all your subjects from first year of college. So practically, I think Practice Teaching is a requirement but I may also be wrong so please correct me if I have provided a wrong answer. The best thing you can do is to patiently wait until you have already finished your Practice Teaching so you won’t be worried upon taking the LET. Thank you so much and good luck Ma’am!

      1. Hi sir gud day!In taking the Let exam sir i think practice teaching cant be used? You can’t take the LET exam if you did not finished your practise teaching,am i right sir?correct me if im wrong…

        1. Hi MJ, I think you’re right. Since practice teaching is one of the requirements in completing an education course, it might also be required in taking the LET exam. Correct me too if I’m wrong. 😀

          1. thank you very much for sharing these tips! I feel i may be one of the Passers soon 🙂 God bless to you and keep up the good job, Sir!

  22. Hello, Thank you very much for giving me these tips…I feel these are essential tools that i may pass now the Licensure Examination…Indeed, FACEBOOK can ruin your study habits if you allow yourself always checking unto your newsfeed.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Ma’am Amy. Yes, FB can sometimes be helpful but it can also be one of the greatest distractions for a person reviewing for a board exam, so it’s better to practice self discipline and limit yourself to a particular amount of time browsing.

  23. Hello Sir! I just dropped by to say THANK YOU! I just want you to know that I passed the LET last August2014 and with a good passing rate! Keep on sharing these tips to all who are aiming to pass! Kudos! 🙂

    1. Wow, welcome to the club Ma’am Roselle! Congratulations. It’s great to see that LET passers get back on my blog and on this post to express their gratitude. It’s really heart warming. Continue on your journey as a professional teacher! God bless. 🙂

  24. The tips are really helpful. Sir I am a graduating student and I am aiming to be one of the topnotchers. Do you have some review materials that I can use? I am also planning to share it to my other classmates. Thank you and God bless you always.

    1. Hi Ma’am Cindy! Thank you for your feedback. I’m pretty sure you be one of the topnotchers. 🙂 Regarding the review materials, I only have hard copies of them but worry not, soon I’ll be posting an online resource to help you with your preparations for the LET. Good luck!

  25. Hi!

    Accounting graduate ako, no experience in teaching. Im taking up education units here in San Pedro Laguna, i would like to know if tama yung sabi ng iba kong classmates na TLE daw ang magiging scope ng exam sa LET? Please help. sobrang layo ng TLE sa Accounting, and wala din po akong background sa TLE.


    1. Hi Ma’am Melody, pasensya po kung di ko masagot nang maayos ang tanong nyo since I’m a BEEd graduate Major in General Education. Sorry but still, continue reviewing and pray for the best. Kaya nyo po yan Ma’am! Good luck and God bless. 🙂

  26. Thank you for your knowledgeable tips. I hope ,these tips can help me to pass the LET this coming September 2015. Sa totoo lang self review lang ginagawa ko,BEEd ka, BEEd din po ako. Isa na ‘tong malaking tulong. Thank you. Thank you ☺

    1. Hi Ma’am Marie, thanks for the kind words! You’ll pass the LET. Claim it, pray for it, work hard for it, and it will be yours. Cheers! God bless. 🙂

  27. thanks sa tips Sir Omaru ng.self review lng po ako ngayon sana makapasa ako sa LET this coming sep.2015. More power and God bless

  28. hi,sir OmarU, i’m a BSED graduate major ko po ay English and i’m planning to take LET this coming September 2015. self review lang po ako and to share you honestly english is my weakest subject..siguro nagtataka kayo why i chose to be an english teacher …for me po mas maganda if ma Enhance ko yung weakest part ko.. your tips help ME to be ready to go for my goal to pass my let exam…continue sharing ..GODBLESS!!

  29. thank you po sa tips Pagpray nio po kami nang mga ka batch q this 2015 na sana po 100% makapasa kami sa LET this comin SEPTEMBER 27, 2015

  30. hi sir Omaru malaking tulong po sa amin ang tips na ibinagy mo mag seself review lng po kasi aq sana ipag pray nyo po kmi na makapasa kami this coming September 2015 for LET examination..tnx po ng mararami good bless.

  31. Hello Sir, thanks for the reminders! May the Lord bless me this coming Sept. 2015 as I will take it for the 3rd time. Though I dont really have any idea why I cant pass it for the 1st and second take..

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