Rappler Pioneers 2013 National Teachers’ Month Celebration on Twitter

SEPTEMBER 3, 2013 – In celebration of the 2013 National Teachers’ Month, Rappler, one of the leading social news network in the Philippines is steering a modern way of appreciating the heroism of all the Filipino teachers around the globe using social media. Rappler will pioneer a Twitter conversation dedicated for Filipino educators worldwide using the hashtag #ThankYouTeacher.

National Teachers Month

The said conversation will be moderated by Rappler’s and Move.ph official Twiiter accounts @rapplerdotcom and @MovePH and will start at 3 pm to 4:30 pm on Saturday, September 7, 2013. The micro blogging platform of Twitter will be of good use as it can widely spread the said activity online using the hashtag #ThankYouTeacher.

Every Filipino individual is welcome to participate to the online activity which primary goal is to honor all the Filipino modern-day heroes – our teachers, who continuously shape the young minds into becoming worthy and responsible members of the society. The Twitter conversation will last for an hour-and-a-half and will allow everyone to share their gratitude towards their beloved mentors.

With the said activity, everyone can reminisce and reflect on the following questions:

  • Who is your best teacher?
  • How did your teachers contributed to your personality?
  • What is your most unforgettable thing or memory about your favorite grade school teacher?
  • Who’s the teacher who helped you chose your career path?

Excited for the answers? Then join Rappler and Move.ph for one and a half hours of shouting out gratefulness for our great teachers. Express your gratitude to the people who are constantly building the foundations of this country by responsibly carrying the chores the noblest profession. Kudos to every Filipino teacher! To participate on the Twitter conversation, just use the hashtag #ThankYouTeacher.

The Philippines yearly celebrates the National Teachers’ Month from September 5 to October 5. This is in accordance to the declaration of President Benigno Aguino III in Proclamation No. 242.

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