5 Reasons Why Teachers Quit Teaching

Teaching comes with a life-long responsibility of learning, educating the children and continuing professional growth that’s why it’s not easy to blame others why they can’t last on this kind of job. Reasons why others have left the noblest profession vary according to their own experiences, their needs, and their environment. For now here are five of the most common reasons why teachers quit teaching and leave the teaching profession:

why teachers quit teaching

1. They became teachers by force or by an accident, not by choice.

Some teachers struggle to embrace their responsibilities because on the first place, teaching was not their first or personal choice. Reasons why they ended up educating the children inside the classroom may have resulted from different situations. Some of them may have been forced to take up Education courses because their parents or the ones who support their study believe that this course would provide them lifetime compensation and various benefits from the government.

On the other hand, there are still cases wherein a person who’s about to enter college ended up in Education because there are no available slot on the course where he wants to enroll or maybe it is the only course his money can afford. There are also instances where peer groups influence one’s own decision that’s why instead of choosing a degree he truly wants, he ends up taking Education just because his friends enrolled on the same course.

Teachers who have experienced the examples given above have the higher chances of quitting the teaching profession. However, there are lucky ones who also came through these experiences but later discover that teaching is their true calling.

2. They have a different passion.

Another reason why teachers quit teaching and choose another job is that they can’t see themselves doing their duties efficiently simply because they do not enjoy what they are practicing. It means teaching is not their passion.

In life, it is easier to achieve success if you like and if you are happy with what you are doing. For example, would you continue teaching your pupils even if you become an ineffective teacher because instead of reading lessons or preparing your materials, you are busy capturing scenes and places around your town for your love of photography? If that’s your case, then a good advice for you is to leave the teaching profession and take up photography lessons.

If you don’t have the passion for life-long learning, then teaching is not for you. I do not mean to discourage anybody, I’m just talking about reality, after all, this would prevent the learning of our pupils to be put at risk.

3. They found a different calling.

This one is a bit rare and less frequent to occur in our society but nevertheless, it still happens. There are teachers who have served for a couple of years or even for decades but later discover that they are living for a different purpose, that they are living because aside from educating the children, they are much more needed by other people. I’m talking about those teachers who leave the profession and became priests, nuns, NGO workers and missionaries and politicians.

4. They find the teaching salary insufficient.

They say you won’t get rich if you’re on the teaching profession, however, majority of us stay in this job because of its stability and future benefits. But there are teachers who don’t seem to be contented. They think that they are not well compensated of their salary which comes from the government. These teachers are those who have higher dreams, particularly to be wealthier than the typical educators. Or maybe they are the teachers who find the salary of a teacher insufficient to cover their family needs and expenses. Usually, these teachers opt to commit to other jobs which will provide them huge amount of money which they can’t get from teaching the young minds.

5. They are impatient.

Teachers should always be equipped with proper and desirable characteristics. One of these characteristics is patience. In our country, many aspiring teachers, especially those who do not possess an item in teaching, substitute teachers and volunteers sometimes lose hope and give up the teaching profession because they can’t bear to wait to be promoted for a position. This usually led them to decide whether to continue teaching or find another job where they won’t wait long just to get a position. And of course you know what happens next, they choose other job and leave the teaching profession.

Or another instance is that they’re having a hard time tolerating students’ misbehavior due to their impatience which later results into a decision of quitting teaching.

If you want to last on this kind profession, you need to have the love and concern for children or at least learn to deal with them.

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