9th EPS-TOPIK list of passers in the Philippines

DepEd NCAEAUGUST 23, 2013 – POEA has released the 9th EPS-TOPIK list of passers in the Philippines earlier today. Thousands of hopefuls around the country are anticipating the result of the said examination which will strengthen their chance in getting employed for various jobs in Korea. The EPS-TOPIK is an examination for aspiring OFWs who aim to have a work in Korea.

The purpose of the examination  is to be a selection criteria for employers who will recruit their workers here in the Philippines. EPS-TOPIK main focus is to evaluate the level of Korean language skills of each applicant. The examination was held on August 11, 2013 at the San Beda College in Manila. The examination was divided into two parts. First is the reading which has allotted each applicant 40 minutes to complete all the questions while the second part is listening where the exam takers were given 30 minutes for test completion. The examination has a total of 50 items which shouold be completed in 110 minutes and has the equivalent of 100 percent.

Congratulations to all the passers for the Special Employment Permit System – Test of Proficiency in Korean Examination (EPS-TOPIK). For those who didn’t succeed, don’t lose hope, there’s always a room for second chance and keep believing in yourselves.

To view the 9th EPS-TOPIK list of passers in the Philippines please refer to this LINK


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