When JuanderTeacher.com was first founded, it was then a personal blog with a purpose of publishing tutorials and resources for teachers. But with advancement of technology and the emerging needs of teachers for computer literacy, JuanderTeacher.com put on a mission of helping fellow teachers to become computer literate educators.


JuanderTeacher.com (pronounced as WonderTeacher) is an Educational Technology-oriented blog which aims to provide the latest news and trends about technology, social media and its application towards education. It also showcases teaching and learning resources and other essential tools for learners and educators. JuanderTeacher.com also provides social media and Windows-based computer tutorials. You can also find here a handful of teaching concepts and strategies for teachers, helpful tips and inspirational stories for your daily teaching endeavor.

This site is humbly dedicated to all the teachers who continuously shape children to their fullest potentials to become productive and responsible members of every society. Kudos to all the teachers!

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Juander Teacher Logo

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The domain name JuanderTeacher.com was derived from two terms. The first term Juander, which is homonymous with the word “wonder”, originated from the colloquial name Juan which signifies every Filipino individual. On the other hand, the word teacher, as we all know it, is the person engaged in providing education for pupils and students.


Omar Manalansan

Omar Manalansan – Owner/Founder, JuanderTeacher.com

JuanderTeacher.com was founded by Omar Manalansan in July 2013. He is a Filipino elementary educator whose primary goal is to share meaningful ideas in practicing the noblest profession. He’s fascinated with technology, internet and everything in between. He’s a sports enthusiast and a One Piece fanatic. His dream is to continuously integrate computer education in teaching his pupils to enlighten them about the rapidly changing phase of technology that continuously transforms education.

You can follow him on Facebook, Google+, or visit his personal website at OmarManalansan.com.


Join the JuanderTeacher team as they strive to share countless adventures on becoming a 21st century teacher. If you have stories or articles to share, please feel free to send us a message through our Contact Us page.

Cherish the privilege of being educated. It is a rare treasure no one can ever steal from you. Teach, learn, inspire.   – Omaru