Creating Mind Maps Online with MindMup

Mind Maps Online - MindMup

Creating Mind Maps Online with MindMup
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Students can now create mind maps online using an opensource mindmapping canvas called MindMup. Using this application, you can make your own mind maps and you will also have the ability to choose where to save your mind maps. You may opt to store them on Google Drive, save it on your computer hard drive, or publish it online. If you’re a blogger or a website owner, you can also get embed codes of your mind maps which will enable you to publish them on your blog.

The good thing about MindMup is that it enables internet users to freely draw and create mind maps without requiring them to register for an account. You may also access your mind maps using their free cloud storage service. MindMup also comes with a clean and user-friendly interface.

Applications for Education

MindMup can be used by teachers and students in creating a graphic organizer which centers on a general or central idea and has links towards various people, events, concepts, and methodologies. The advantage of MindMup over other online mind map creating tools is that it offers teachers or students a convenient experience by not forcing them to register thus helping students without email addresses to create mind maps without hassle.

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