Free Movie Day for Teachers 2013 – A Treat by Partners in Learning Philippines, Microsoft & SM Cinemas

Partners in Learning Philippines in partnership with Microsoft and SM Cinemas is now offering a Free Movie Day for Teachers on December 22 which will be available for screening in all SM malls nationwide.

Who may join the free movie screening?

The said activity can be availed by all educators, both public and private in. This is open for K-12 schools and universities.

Free Movie Day for Teachers

Free Movie Day for Teachers 2013
Image credit: Partners in Learning Philippines

How can I register for the free movie screening?

Just follow these eight quick steps:
1. Visit this link: Free Movie Day for Teachers Facebook app
2. Register there and invite as many as five (5) friends.
3. Next, choose your preferred branch, movie, and screening time.
4. Send invite and ask your friends to accept the invites.
5. After inviting your friends, refresh the page and check if your friends have already accepted the invitations. If yes, then you may now try to generate a voucher by clicking on “Get Free Ticket.”

NOTE: Due to the high volume of users accessing the app, it may take a while for a voucher to be generated. This step needs your patience, anyways, I assume you’re a teacher, and so I’ll expect you’re patient enough to wait. But if it takes too long for a page to load or generate a voucher, then simply refresh the page and do not go back to the previous page.

6. Finally, download or print the official voucher for the movie screening. Your friends may also download the voucher by refreshing the page after they accepted your invitation. You are now ready to redeem the passes on your selected SM cinema from December 16 – 22, 2013.

REMINDER: Please bring a valid teachers I.D. upon redemption.

Share this to your friends and your teachers so that they can enjoy this free movie treat. Thank you!

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