Boost Your Pupils’ Typing Skills with these 5 Free Online Typing Games & Activities

Last week, I searched for typing games and activities for my 5-year-old niece on the web and as I choose the ones that suits her age, I decided to compile and present them on a blog post.

These are free online typing games and activities for pupils of younger age, preferably pupils between 4-9 years old. I compiled this list base on the ease of the games and the fact that these games don’t require any registration. So without further ado, here are five free online typing games and activities you can find on the internet:

free online typing games

Typing Adventure is game that suits the abilities of younger pupils, preferably those in preschool. The game has simple mechanics. Your objective is to find a treasure along a path by leaping on bricks that contain letters. Pupils need to type the correct letter on the next brick they want to jump into. Continue typing the letters correctly until you find the treasure. Speed and accuracy are the basis of the pointing system.

Dance Mat Typing is more of a typing tutorial by that comes in four different levels. Each level composes a series of lessons and activities from the basic hand positioning on the keyboard and other typing fundamentals. Just like the Typing Adventure, it also suits preschoolers. After each lesson, the game offers a feedback on a visual and audio form.

Power Typing is a collection of five various typing games and activities that pupils can use to improve their typing skills. You can choose to play the US standard Qwerty keyboard or the alternate Dvorak keyboard. Power Typing is more of an activity that resembles the basic typing lessons found on books and typing worksheets. It’s a great tool for a teacher to help his pupils improve their skills in using the keyboard. Again, this game suits the younger ones.

Type Rocket is a sixty second free online typing game from It flashes rockets on the screen with letters attached to it. Each rocket explodes whenever you strike the correct letter. The game calculates your points by subtracting the number of your misses from the number of your hits. Type Rocket comes in a flash format with a .swf extension. This is one fun game to try with your pupils.

Z-Type is also a free typing game courtesy of The game has a simple but thrilling mechanics. All you have to do is to type every word that falls from the top of the screen. Each time you are able to spell the word correctly, a laser from the bottom of the screen shoots the word you have encoded. Your objective is to shoot all the falling words before they reach the laser at the bottom of the screen.

Applications for Education:

Pre-school or elementary teachers with access to a computer laboratory can have a great advantage of utilizing these games as an introductory lesson in preparing young pupils into learning the use of computers. And one great way on introducing them on Computer Education is to practice their typing skills. As a teacher, at first, you shouldn’t expect excellent performances such as high speed and accuracy; instead you might assess their performances and practice them more little by little.

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