15 Websites That Offer Free Video Intros for Classroom Presentations

An impressive and catchy video presentation draws attention from the viewers as soon as it starts playing. An effective way to make stuff like this is to prepare a solid and attractive video introduction. It doesn’t only help you engage with the audience but it also builds a pleasant and lasting impression to everyone who watches it. However, creating video intros is not just a walk in the park; it takes creativity, hard work and professional skills to film an appealing video intro and for video editing dummies it would be a lot harder for them to create one.

free video intros

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Today I’ll be walking you through a list of websites where you can download free video intros and other video footage for free. These websites offers free video intros designed by professionals which won’t cost you a dime. Isn’t that great? Some of these websites also offer professional templates, high-definition videos and 3D animations all for free.

Motion Elements is an online market place for stock videos which offers hundreds of free video intros for free with a wide range of categories.

Free Footage is neat website with a large collection of high definition video footage which you can also get without spending even a single cent.

Ignite Motion is another great website where you can find free video intros. It offers high quality resources of free video intros with high definition and other motion graphics which are all free.

Footage Crate offers royalty free video intros and other materials you can use in creating your video for commercial and non-commercial use. And I almost forgot, they are all free of charge.

Movie Tools, as its name says, offers a wide variety of stuff including free video intros you can use in creating a video presentation. It has also a forum where people share ideas and other helpful resources.

Videvo is another website which provides unlimited free video intros and other materials for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It also features an organized website where video clips are arranged per categories easy browsing.

Bottled Video is another great website on this list which makes free motion graphics available for anyone without any charge. From a family video production business, Bottled Video emerged into an online resource of free stock video footage.

Beach Front B-Roll is an online collection of free and unique high definition video footage as well as animated backgrounds. All of the clips found on this blogspot are free to be used and can be easily downloaded.

Motion Backgrounds For Free is another source of hundreds of free video intros and other motion backgrounds you can get absolutely free. It only requires everyone to sign up for an account before they can download clips.

Alex Free Stock Video Footage is a YouTube channel where you can download various high-definition video footage and other stock videos free of charge.

Open-Video Project is an online project which provides more than 5000 free video clips available in different genres.

X Stock Video offers free video intros and other footage with a resolution of 960×540 and HD resolution 1280×720. Stock videos under these resolutions are all free for download.

Neo’s Clip Archive offers over 3000 free stock motion graphics clips that are totally free for personal and non-commercial use. All the clips are available for unlimited downloads.

Stock Footage for Free is a website which showcases professional quality footage and videos you can download for free. It has a huge library of free stock videos which are in HD.

Detonation Films, again, as its name says, is a free resource of stock videos available for download. The clips they offer feature explosive video intros and other exciting effects.

If you have other websites in your list other than those of listed below, then you may share them at the comment section.

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