How to Make a YouTube Rewind, Creating an Interactive Video for Your School’s Year-end Flashback

Recently, Google has released an interactive YouTube video entitled “Defining Moments of 2013 (Interactive YouTube Rewind Timeline)” which showcases the most popular videos of 2013. The video which lasts for about 30 seconds features an interactive screen from where you can watch and jump into other videos by clicking on annotations that contain links to other videos.

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Cool right? Now integrating one like this in your classroom set up might be cooler. Today I’ll be guiding you in creating your own YouTube Rewind.

Christmas and New Year is fast approaching and it would be an out of the box idea if you would create your own version of YouTube Rewind regarding the most relevant activities of your school in the year 2013.

But how would you do this?

First, think of how you would categorize the video your students will be making. You may take it as a simple assignment, a group project, or even an individual contest. It depends upon your preference.

If you already have a decision, ask your pupils to list down the most important activities in your school for the year 2013. e.g. District Camping, Regional Jamboree, School-wide Sports Fest and many more.

Now that you have your topics listed, you may now instruct your pupils to create short videos about these events. If they can’t find video clips, a photo slideshow will do. Duration of 30 second to one minute for each video will be good enough.

Ask them to upload these videos to YouTube.

To finish this tutorial, here are the steps on how to make a YouTube Rewind by putting annotations to your videos.

We will be using YouTube’s spotlight annotation tool in the YouTube editor to create hyperlinks from one video to another.

1. After uploading, select one of your videos. Go to editor and on upper part of the screen click on “Edit Annotations”

2. A new window will show up. On the right side of the window, select “Add Annotation” then click on “Spotlight.”

3. Drag a square or rectangular shape on your video (Imagine you’re cropping your Facebook profile photo).

4. On the right side of the window, put the text you want to appear on the annotation.

5. Lastly, you’ll see a box for the links. Here you can put the links of video(s) you want to play when a user click on your annotations. e.g.

A sample output would look like the image below.

how to make a YouTube Rewind

Image source: Pixabay

That’s it! You have just created a Year-end Flashback for your school’s most important activities.

For a more detailed tutorial on how to put annotations on your YouTube videos, here’s a video tutorial courtesy of Peggy Duncan.

[youtube url=””]

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