Internet as A Powerful Tool On Our Lives


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TOGETHER with time, the world keeps on going with innumerable evidences of substantial advancement.

                Indeed, we are now on line where impossible and possible meet. In fact, everything has been made easier through innovative technology and the “internet” is one of the world’s great evidence of progress.

                Internet has made a lot of difference in our lives. In just a click of our finger, we are able to connect to people across other countries miles away. With this, we don’t have to wait for weeks or months just to give message to our loved ones abroad and we can even see them now on the webcam while having chat with them.

                In addition, it is easier to win friends through social networkings on the net like the most popular “Facebook”, “Instagram”, and “Twitter”

                But aside from socialization, internet has been a very powerful tool as an abundant source and body of information, through the use of search engines like “yahoo” and “google”, you can find everything you want it be for academic or other personal purposes. Thus, it makes learning more effective and comfortable.

                To conclude, while these benefits from internet made a very big impact in our lives, we should all take our responsibility to make use of this powerful tool in very righteous way.

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