K to 12: The Road to Quality Education

K to 12: The Road to Quality Education

K to 12: The Road to Quality Education

             Many things have been said and done about the latest curriculum, the K to 12. As stipulated in the Department Order No. 13s 2012, otherwise known as Policy Guidelines On the Implement of Grades 1 to 12 of the K to Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) Effective School Year 2012-2013, the K to 12 basic Education Curriculum (BEC) shall be implemented starting with the roll out of grades 1 and 7 in all public elementary and secondary schools in the school year 2012-2013. Private sectors are enjoined to do the same. They may further enchance the curriculum to suit the school’s vision and mission. Now the K to 12 is on its third year of roll out or the garde 9. Many observers, educators and other concerned citizens cited common reasons why K to 12 should be pursued. The following are some of the reasons they cited:

  • Global Competitiveness. The global standard for basic education cycle at present is 12 years acording to the UNESCO. IN a 12 years basic education cycle planning elementary and secondary school, excluding pre-elementary school ,a child is presumed to have developed sufficient higher order thingking skillls ,analytic tools ,and knowledge or enter either college or the world of work.
  • College Preparatory. High school graduates fairing poorly on college entrance test are reflections of low levels of achievement and inadequate preparation for college/university wor, so educators must look into the preparedness of student.
  • Preparation for the world of work. Nationwide data reveals 70%of puplic high school gradduates do not go on to university or technical school. This is so different from the situation in developed countries where university perticipation rets range from 15-40% of high schools graduates. Therefore, if they finished grade 12, either they will join the world of work op pursue college education.
  • Additional Junior High School and Senior High School. Experts in education notice that many of thosewho graduated from the elementary schools are not really prepared for high school and those who are graduating from high school are not really prepared for college/university.

The objective of the additional 2 years in the secondary school is to add content needed

to develop competence necessary for college or for the world of work.

We need to make the investment where we need it most. An additional two years of high school would be an ideal thing to start…

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