Here Are Some of the 2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

Before we proceed with the main topic, let me greet you with a HAPPY AND BLISSFUL NEW YEAR!

Teachers are one of the busiest people you can find on all kinds of communities. Their busy schedule sometimes affects their personal lives especially their daily routines. Their hectic and straight teaching hours often lead to the lack of time for preparing quality instruction. I also encounter these problems and sometimes, I end up regretful with the things I think I should have done well in the past that will benefit me as a teacher and my pupils as individuals. And since it is New Year’s Day, I want to grab this opportunity to list down my New Year’s Resolutions for teachers. These resolutions are all applicable not only for me but for all the teachers who may find it helpful for their daily activities as educators. I hope you can also share yours at the end of this article.

1. Be more organized

New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

Teaching requires a lot of time and I think it would be helpful for a teacher to always stay organized with the educational materials you will be using for instruction. One way I think that would avoid a messy work station is by cleaning your room first. After that, you should prepare drawers and organizers from where you will consistently keep your records as to where they belong. I said it because, often, heavily tired teachers have the tendency to put things out of its designated drawer, envelope, or organizer. You may also want to add labels into your drawers.

2. Sleep and wake up early

New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

This one is quite hard to achieve especially if you know the nature of the teaching profession which is that school works will often be a part of your house chores. Stuff like checking assignments, preparing lesson plans, and other things related to teaching. With this, teachers sometimes lack time to sleep which in turn leads to unhealthier body. This is critical for teachers since a sluggish or sick teacher is more likely to deliver his lessons ineffectively. One way to avoid it is to set a time when you will go to bed and have a good night sleep. Take note that this requires discipline and by sleeping earlier, it’s expected that you’ll also wake up early to fulfill your responsibilities as a teacher.

3. Spend more time in knowing your students

New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

The picture above was taken on our last day of Practice Teaching at Kaparangan Elementary School. That was me with my Grade 4 pupils.

Having a good relationship with your students helps a teacher to feel the positive sides of the teaching profession. However, creating a better connection between you and your pupils will transform you from being a teacher to their second parent. By studying their family backgrounds, likes and dislikes, and interests in study, you’ll learn that teaching is not just a profession. You’ll realize that teaching is a vocation or a calling from which you belong. It is a mission God has given you to mold every single student in your class into future leaders and productive individuals. By knowing your students more, you’ll definitely find out that the different statuses and situations your students have. And with this, you will gain the love from them by letting them feel that you’re not just their teacher but you are also a friend, a mother, and a father a companion who always listens.

4. Have some time for yourself

Tips in taking the LET

Teachers aren’t robots; they are humans capable of being tired, stressed, or worse, depressed. These cannot be avoided throughout our careers and finding a way to lessen or recover from these worrying situations will help us get back on our tracks and perform our duties as educators. And honestly, the best way to deal with these stressful circumstances is to give ourselves more time to reflect and to ponder on things that will develop better versions of us this year. By giving yourself a time to relax, you will be able to plan for your school works efficiently. And as result, you will be a more productive teacher.

When you feel down, have some sleep, go on the church, watch a movie or eat some healthy food. You can do this on your own but having a buddy or your family with you during these activities will also do.

Take note that plans and resolutions are useless if you won’t work hard to achieve them. After all, your success in everything you want to happen for this year still depends on your focus, your will, and your determination to make them all happen.

I hope you find these resolutions helpful but if you have something better in mind, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. And that should do it for my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers. What about you? What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2014? Please share them on the comment section. Thank you.

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