On Teamwork and Being Connected

              Sports events are often won as a result of teamwork. Similar events are often lost when there is not teamwork. Today, most businesses and educational institutions want team players who will share the common goals on an organization in a team effort. Persons are often out of step with others in an organization when goals of these persons are different from those of the organization. Although you need to develop your own goals, the goals of the organization on which you are employed are also very important. Try to establish your goals consistent with those of your employer.


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            For an organization to be effective, everyone on the team needs to be connected to share a broad understanding of over-all purpose. Working together would increase the organization’s effectiveness. This is only the way to improve our chances of survival as an education system, as a community, as a nation and as a world.

            Every member of an organization must realize the importance of being connected with each other as a team. As Kahesvan Nair puts it “every step we take-no matter how small- to understand the need of other people, we strive to serve well, increase our bond with them and move un in the direction of a higher standard of leadership.” While according to Marx (2008),” the tools and techniques we use to get organized and stay in touch can give us a few to several thousand” ears to the ground.  “They can also enhance our foresight.

            In the field of education, teamwork develops the people’s knowledge, skills and behaviors. It enlightens and brings out the genius that is already there among the team players. In the process, the team players hope to contribute to the teaching-learning situations that will bring out productive citizens.

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