Share & Organize Your Files with Pearltrees, An Online Library for Your Students


Image screenshot from Pearltrees

What is Pearltrees?

Pearltrees is a free online library that lets you organize your files, web page links, photos, notes, and even your personal stuff. It allows you to create mindmaps with a general idea linking to other related topics. These mindmaps may contain bookmarked pages from your blogs or articles from your favorite websites. Pearltrees also allows you to upload files from your hard drive and organize them online.


Sharing your mindmaps is also easy as Pearltrees works like a social bookmarking site. You may share your mindmaps and your files anywhere you want. Pearltrees aims to connect people with the same interests.


Access to your files, bookmarks, and mindmaps has been made effortless by Pearltrees as you can use Pearltrees in various devices. It also comes in an iOS and an Android App which you can use on your mobile devices.


Pearltrees also works in a collaborative manner that’s why you can view other people’s stuff that suits your interest. You may also follow other people’s activity by picking pearltrees made by them and adding it to your account.

Applications for Education

Since Pearltrees works like a social bookmarking site, you may ask your students to collect their favorite stuffs online. This may include their favorite photos and videos. You may also ask them to collect and organize their online portfolios found on their blogs or websites and put it on their Pearltrees account.

As a teacher, you may also instruct them to merge their online projects together with their offline portfolios. For example, give them a project on making a paper mache and ask them to make one based on a video tutorial they can find online via video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion. Have your students take photos of their offline work such as the paper mache and organize it on a mindmap together with the link containing their reference video tutorial.

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