Aquino Signs Republic Act No. 10609, A Law Against Compulsory Review Classes

MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno S. Aquino III signs Republic Act No. 10609, a new law which will prohibit higher educational institutions (HEIs) on forcing students to enroll on reviews centers before taking their respective licensure examinations. Under R.A. 10609, otherwise known as the “Protection of Students’ Right to Enroll in Review Centers Act of 2013”, higher educational institutions will be disallowed to compel their students to enroll on review centers chosen by the school.

Republic Act No. 10609 further restricts the following:

  • HEIs should not make review sessions or classes a prerequisite or completion for graduation which will force students to pay for a certain amount of fee.

Note: Review classes are not part of the curriculum likewise the school’s choice of review center. Students may now freely choose their preferred review centers upon the implementation of this Act.

  • HEIs are also prohibited to withhold essential documents of the students like diploma, transcript of records, certifications, and other important school documents.

On a statement released by President Aquino on Tuesday, he said that:

[quote style=”boxed”]the government must protect students against abuses of higher educational institutions over their right to choose review centers[/quote]

Who are covered by this Act?

Republic Act No. 10609 covers all public and private higher educational institutions. This includes local colleges and universities which offer courses or college degrees that require professional licensure examinations.

What will be the punishment for violating Republic Act No. 10609?

Under this law, any official or employee of higher educational institutions such as the deans, professors, coordinators and other concerned school entities proven guilty of violating any of the provisions of this Act shall be sentenced with penalty of imprisonment from no lower than six months and one day to six years. The violator will also fine an amount of Php750, 000 and will be suspended in practicing her profession and will have his/her license revoked.

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