The Use of Social Media in School – Infographic

For the past five years, social media has blossomed into an online phenomenon. From Friendster to Facebook and Twitter, from diaries to blogging, all has emerged into a community of online socialization. Google, on the other hand, offers more information than any of the books a school can offer. This is a clear evidence that internet has changed the way students socialize and the way they search for everything they need. Every bit of information, assignments, and research projects are now a click away from students especially for those who have access to the internet. Teachers on the other hand have no choice but to go with this trend. Most of them are starting to create their social media profiles to enable them to further monitor the online activities of their students.

But of course there’s a down side of these social media websites. One of these disadvantages is the overload of information. Because of the countless resources available online, students sometime get confused on the reliability of information they gather. So how do the teachers use social media to effectively organize the information needed by their students? How would they use social media into the school setting? To answer that question, here are a couple of examples on the use of social media in school.

Utilize Facebook Groups and Pages

Talking about Facebook alone is a very large topic to cover so for now let’s focus on Facebook groups and pages and how it can be used inside or even outside the school for instruction. Teachers can use Facebook groups to organize an online classroom. From there, they will be able to start group conversations to talk about a particular lesson. They can also establish games, polls, and contests using Facebook groups. On the other hand, a Facebook page will allow teachers to publish updates regarding projects, deadline for submissions, events, and even debates among their students. Aside from these ideas, there are lot more ways to utilize Facebook for educational purposes and that still remains to be seen soon.

Twitter #Hashtags

Twitter, though a microblogging site has millions of users across the globe. Using its features in a school setting can be really effective. A good example is to use a hashtag for a particular subject matter or topic where students will discuss these topics or even start a debate, a survey, or a question and answer activity together with the teacher. It is just one of the several ways to integrate online education into a real life setting.

Help Students to Keep a Blog

Maybe the most personalized and most effective way for a teacher to observe his students’ performances is to keep a list of blogs made by the students. These blogs will feature their daily journals and their portfolios regarding the lessons or activities they have tackled. There are wide varieties of blogging platforms students can choose from such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Weebly.

It will be a long list to write up so to keep you going, here’s an infographic on the use of social media in school.

The Use of Social Media in School 

The Use of Social Media in School
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