10 Tips in Taking the LET Exam (Licensure Examination for Teachers)

Every person who just graduated with a degree in education has a common goal – to pass the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers). This exam is everyone’s stepping stone in crossing the threshold of being a fully-pledged professional teacher. But passing the LET is, of course, easier said than done. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. But aside from these two things, there are still various factors to consider in preparing for this examination.

Today, i’ll be sharing 10 tips in taking the LET exam which will surely be helpful for everyone who’s going to take the said licensure examination. It’s quite a long post so please bear with me. I’m not an expert on giving advice and I’m not forcing you to follow these guidelines. These won’t guarantee you a 100% possibility of passing but reading these tips will be of great help. So here they are.

10 Tips in Taking the LET Exam


You know yourself better than anyone else so I’m sure it won’t be hard for you to do. First, take a look at your Transcript of Records (TOR) or you can just assess yourself to realize what subjects you find yourself having trouble. For example, some of the Filipinos, including yours truly are not good in Math, what’s in for you? Take note also of your strong points. List down all of these subjects and proceed to tip number 2.


After listing all your strengths and weaknesses, you can now assign a working schedule for each of them. Make it one at a time. I repeat “ONE AT A TIME”. I said that because having a cluttered schedule or “To do” list will result into information overload which, I tell you, is not good.

tips in taking the LET exam

So for example, if you’re not good in Math and Science, you may schedule a time for each of them. Let’s say you’ll have Math for the morning and Science in the afternoon or you may review Math on M-W-F and Science on T-Th. But of course devote also some of your time to review other subjects; you can do it for two weeks or a month and then move on with other ones. And for the subjects where you are good at, you may also set a schedule for them to further enhance the retention of knowledge.


For General Education, review the basic and general concepts of each subject. Remember that you have taken most of these concepts back in elementary and high school so there’s a great possibility that you have forgotten them already.

  • For Math: Fractions, Volumes, Percentage, Areas, and Elementary Algebra
  • For English: Figures of speech and the Subject and Verb Agreement.
  • For Filipino: Tayutay, Retorika, Pagbasa at Pagsulat
  • For Science: Biology, Physical Science and Earth Science.


That’s quite many to accomplish so again review each subject “ONE AT A TIME”

Meanwhile, for Professional Education, I advise you to focus on the major philosophies of education. There are few subjects which are frequently present on the actual examination, these are:

  • Educational Philisophies – The famous “isms” (Realism, Idealism, Pragmatism, and many more.)
  • Principles of Teaching
  • Facilitating and Learning
  • For Childhood Development, remember Freud (Psychosexual), Erikson (Psychosocial) and Gardner (Multiple Intelligence)


LET is all about common sense and analytical skills. Most of the questions are situational ones and will surely squeeze your brain out. To lessen the difficulty, the best technique you can use is the elimination method or just what I said, your common sense. I’ll discuss this further on the 10 Tips in taking the LET Exam Part II: On Examination Day – The BIG Day.

Tip: There are some observations which states that LET examinations nowadays contain a lot of SATA (Select All That Apply) questions. What you can do is to try to answer a handful of these questions to develop your analytical thinking skills.


Mañana habit somehow became an attachment to Filipino culture. So I’m not asking you to kick it off your lifestyle, instead I’m appealing to you that even for a month or two, try to avoid it. SELF-DISCIPLINE and FOCUS on your goal will be a defining factor for your success so learn how to control yourself to fight distractions while having your review.

tips in taking the LET exam

Tip: When reviewing, avoid places where there are beds or a couch, the tendency is that you will have a hard time controlling your sleepy head especially when you know there’s a comfortable bed just a few steps from you. And one more thing, STAY AWAY FROM FACEBOOK!


There’s no greater feeling than enjoying what you are doing and if you do, chances are you will be able to remember and understand all the things you put in your mind.


You are not a robot and you are not Superman. If you’re the type of person who takes review religiously, then take some time to rest. At the end, you will realize that you should be physically healthy especially on examination day. You don’t want to take the exam feeling sluggish.


Being physically fit before and during the examination day is not enough; you also need to feed your soul. You will feel good about yourself when you know that you have God on your back when you take the LET. Pray and thank God every time possible, He will not let you down.


Keep calm and relax.  A day or night before the big day, watch a movie, or have a healthy dinner with your friends, this will keep you out of the stresses you had in your review.

Here’s an optional tip. You may follow this one or not. Before the exam, do not try to bring any review material. But why? Here’s the thing, when you take your materials with you on or before the examination, there’s a possibility for you to get stressed. How? Okay let’s say you’re the “subusub sa pag-aaral” or the “last minute” type of person and you attempted to look at any of your reviewers hours before the exam and found terms or concepts which you didn’t know of, then it might bother you and cause you headache. Again, that would bring you no good. But as I said, this is optional and you may follow your own preferences.


Lastly, when you are already physically, spiritually, and mentally ready for the exam, which I mentioned on tips 7, 8, and 9 respectively, then it’s time that you DO IT. I mean pack all the things you need to bring for the exam and prepare yourself for the big day. Leave your gadgets including your cell phone as this is not allowed inside the examination room. Make sure you have checked your room assignment. Set your mind towards your goal – to pass the LET. Lastly, sleep early the night before the exam and as you wake up in the morning, thank and ask the Lord for His guidance.

Oh and I almost forgot, don’t forget to bring your Notice of Admission (NOA).

On Part 2 of my 10 Tips in Taking the LET Exam, I’ll be sharing some tips to consider during the examination. Good luck future teachers!


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